This is not a blog. It’s meant to be a compilation of poetry.

This page compiles all the rules and minutiae (and probably some lingo) used here.

Now to some explanation and rules:


Many titles would have an intriguing asterisk plugged in front of them.  This signifies that the title is temporary (conveying the basic theme) and open to suggestions.

A lack of asterisk would convey my liking for the title and it’s not prone to change in future. Suggestions are welcome though.


The poems are all written by me(read: original). If anyone wishes to use the full work or a part of it, it is strongly advised to contact the author (Me), before doing so.

On the topic of what they are; the poems span a variety of topics and can be written in any rhyme scheme. If you feel offended, bored, exhilarated, inspired or any other emotion; feel free to share it in the comments. The etiquette is explained in the next section.

Here’s a list of all that I have written: POEM’S LIST


If you wish to comment on a poem, that comment may be a similar experience, discussion on the poetry and/or appreciation/criticism.

You are free to do anything of the above as long the conversations are civil.


I hope as a wonderful reader, you will abide by this blog  online poetry compilation’s etiquette. I hope you like what you see.

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